We unpack, organize and make your new house a home.
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Move In Services

New Home Preparation Painting – We can paint selected rooms or the entire interior of your new residence. Installation Supervision – We can supervise the installation/activation of utilities and new appliances. Window Treatments – We can provide and install temporary window treatments. Closet Systems – We can arrange for closet systems to be installed in your new residence. Cleaning - We will make sure all or part of your new residence is “spic-and-span” prior to the arrival of any furnishings, including the basement and garage. Snow Removal – We will make sure that all paved surfaces and entryways are clear of snow prior to the arrival of your furnishings. Moving In, Unpacking and Organizing Mover Supervision – We will direct the movers to locate your furniture according to your custom floor plan. Bedrooms – We will assemble and make all beds, and hang your clothes in your closets according to your direction. Kitchen – We will thoroughly clean the refrigerator, clean and line all drawers and cupboards, wash all kitchen dishware and utensils before storing, and organize everything according to your direction. Bathrooms – We will thoroughly clean all bathroom fixtures, drawers, cupboards and linen closets. Final Cleanup and Preparation for Your Arrival Cleanup - Removal and disposal of all boxes and packing materials; vacuum, dust, wipe down kitchen and bath surfaces. Kitchen Stocking – We can stock your refrigerator and pantry with the basics prior to your arrival. Snow Removal - We will make sure that all paved surfaces and entryways are clear of snow, if necessary, prior to your arrival. Lawn Care – We can make sure that you are not faced with having to mow your new lawn immediately upon your arrival.

Move Out Services

Moving Preparation Sorting - We can assist with the sorting of your possessions using a three-color labeling system, separating them for packing, give-away or disposal. Post-Move Services Cleanup - We can return to your former residence and do a thorough cleaning and get it ready for sale or rental.