We unpack, organize and make your new house a home.
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About Us

My name is Kathy Shodis, owner of Make Your Move, Inc. I started this company after being in the painting and decorating business for over 35 years, having many customers whom retained my services from home to home Kathy Shodisas they relocated. After doing the the repairs, painting and cleaning of their new homes, I made sure that everything was ready for placement of furniture and possessions upon arrival. In doing this, it became apparent that many people unpacked only the most used items and the remaining boxes sat unopened for many weeks, months or even years until they found the time (or desire) to finish unpacking. Offering services to do this for them has been met with great enthusiasm.

Make Your Move, Inc. specializes in two types of moves: Executive Relocation – Moving to a new town can be a very stressful experience, especially when dealing with the requirements of a new job in a new location. I can coordinate with real estate agents and moving companies for you, and make sure your new residence is in “walk-in” condition and ready for your arrival. Senior Downsizing - As the population ages, many seniors find the need to downsize their living place. With families living farther apart and living busy lives, it is often difficult for adult children to assist their parents in moving to a new residence. I work with both parents and their children to make the transition as easy and stress free as possible. I also work with families and individuals that are busy with work and family obligations and in need of assistance for their move. Approaching every move as if it were my own, I treat my customers' possessions as if they were mine. Having a degree in Interior Design, I work with clients to create new looks with existing items to keep costs down and reduce the need to buy new furnishings. I greatly enjoy taking care of all the small details so that my customers have no worries about getting their move completed. No job is too big or too small – each job is tailored to provide as much or as little assistance as you desire. Please contact me today to discuss any of your relocation needs.

Kathy Shodis